I. Brief Overview of the Company

Regal Co Ltd has been dealing with shipping business over 20 years always striving to excel at its strategic goal of superior service quality.

Offers the full range of services that comprise shipping agency such as formal documentation and custom house processing, on-site fees management, and freight forwarding, etc.

II. Value Proposition:

1. Wide vine of connections with cargo terminals top management while maintaining unblemished reputation, and thus easing the documentation processing and loading/discharging management.

2. Experience in organizing the shipments of dangerous cargo such as technical sulphur (IMO4.1) and ammonium nitrate (IMO5.1). Also, Regal Co Ltd has a great history of dealing with coal in bulk, sawn timber, and saw logs.

3. Continuous flow of feedback guaranteeing the latest, most complete, and relevant information to its customers.

III. Partner Organizations

Our client base is comprised of customers from all over the world

1.Spliethoff, Netherlands, Amsterdam

2.Thorco Shipping, Denmark, Copenhagen

3.Wisdom Marine Group, Taiwan

4.Shunda Trading Investment Limited, China

5.Asia Shipping Company, Russia, Vladivostok

IV. Recent Vessels Details

1. Gaillardia SW, Hong Kong flag, DWT 18600 mt, coal in bulk Nakhodka to Vietnam

2. Vladmir M , Panama flag, DWT 13000 , coal in bulk Nakhodka to South Korea

3. Oriental Ruby, Cyprus flag, DWT 16732 , coal in bulk Nakhodka to South Korea

4. Fagelgracht, Netherlands flag, DWT 12500, ammonium nitrate (IMO 5.1) Nakhodka to Australia

5. Tong Run 7, Belize flag, DWT 5350 , technical Sulphur (IMO 4.1) Nakhodka to China